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Can I just say how thankful I am it’s Friday?! At the end of the week I’m absolutely exhausted from carrying, bathing, feeding, chasing, changing, dressing (you get the idea)…twin babies. I’ve been working on a post about twin parenting for…nine months now. I’ll have time to finish it someday! In the meantime, here are some lovely links for your weekend…wishing you all a beautiful one.

blaming my wanderlust on my friend lindsey

weekend in numbers…up for the challenge?

a rabbit hole of fabulous pinterest curators


  1. Love all three of these. The weekend in numbers challenge sounds like a fun weekend activity I am going to have to try! (And by the way, I only have admiration for mothers of twins – hope you get some rest this weekend!)

  2. I have been curious how you are doing the twin rearing. It seems very effortless (from this side of the monitor). I also think you should do a post on incorporating your fur baby in your new family. I love how you include Billy. It makes me so sad to see the neglect of the fur baby and you have TWINS and have been able to do it!

    Thank you for the link love!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Have a wonderful weekend with the family, Susan! Oh and I blame Lindsey for all my dinners out in Paris:-)))

  4. Ha, oh wow Tristan…I don’t mean to give the impression it’s effortless…need to share more of every day life apparently, LOL! Thank you so much for noticing how Billy has remained a furry baby and an equal member of our family, it’s very important to us. Yes, I should write a post on that! xo

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