nine months





The nine month mark arrived on saturday…yes, I said nine. Wha happen?! (That one is for all the christopher guest fans out there.) Our latest shoot at Little Nest resulted in these keepers…I mean wow. These kids really know how to work it for the camera. They’ve grown used to it with mommy’s lens in their face from day one! At nine months, they are both very mobile and things are getting crazier…Marie is walking (with a walker), and Henry just began crawling, gaining speed every day. They make each other laugh often, and the babbles and sounds are becoming more coherent. Last night in fact, Marie crawled into my lap, looked up at me, and said “mama”. MELT. For the record, I now know the earlier one from Henry was a fluke (even though he looked at me and made the sound with purpose, he has not done it since)…so I await the day he says it again. Every day is a pure, joy-filled adventure! 

 images courtesy of little nest portraits


  1. Oh goodness…your little ones are adorable! And are even more adorable with leopard shoes and suspenders! Fantastic photos! I would love to sketch that one of the two of them together sometime, it really is such a sweet photo.

  2. Oh my goodness, the levels of cuteness. I just can’t.

    Recently found your blog and I am so glad I did! thanks for posting these. Your babies are truly beautiful.

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