watching: this vine…over and over.

excited about: blogshop-this weekend! 

listening to: the latest from she + him…have you heard it?

planning: a 70th birthday surprise for my mom

thinking about: my 3 year blog anniversary-exciting things coming up!

reading: about healthy eating habits for families + how to meal plan…any tips?

making me happy: that face up there. and this one. and this guy.


thank you to Danielle for the post inspiration!


  1. wow! I am restraining myself from obnoxiously commenting on all of these items :) Thanks for the smiles and inspiration – looks like you have an awesome weekend ahead!! xo

    • ha-you could never be obnoxious Ang, xo! and yes…TWO TEEF!

    • thank you Kayla…if I’m ever in a bad mood that fixes it right away ;)

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