good day sunshine


Marie + Henry are TEN months old today! So this video should thoroughly confuse you as it commemorates their ninth month…what can I say-mother of twins. I’m feeling a bit of shock that they are ten months old already, and one year is right around the corner. I had an emotional mother’s day and smothered them with kisses. It was a gorgeous day, much like the one in this video. Hope you enjoy!


  1. 2 things: 1) you’re going to have such a collection of amazing memories to show these kiddos! 2) love that they’re the same size as Billy! Too cute.

  2. love! Lindsey is right about the collection of memories. My mom was also really good about filming Dave and I, and we have about 20-25 VHS that span birth through teenage years… probably our most cherished heirlooms. Keep up the good effort, including the music influence ;) It won’t go to waste!

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