giveaway one…for francophiles!


It’s day one of GIVEAWAY week! There will be three in total- for francophiles, mamas, and design aficionados (and yes, you may enter them all).Why three you ask? In celebration of three years of blogging + connecting with all of you…I wanted to offer a little something for everyone. I figure the best way to kick things off is with one dedicated to francophiles-after all, that is how my blog got it’s start. My love language is gift giving-nothing makes me happier than bestowing someone I care about with a thoughtful present. And I care about you all, my dear readers…so let the giving begin! Special thanks to the lovely artists + friends featured here who have made this possible with their generosity and support. I encourage you to explore their respective sites and discover all of their talents and offerings. Bonne chance!


#1   a signed copy of paris in color by nichole robertson

#2   a pair of hand illustrated eiffel tower tea towels by girls can tell

#3   a set of 10 letterpress merci notecards/envelopes by ink + iron

#4   this custom hand-stitched embroidered wall art by chez sucre chez


#1  leave a comment stating why you would like to win

#2 “like” fleurishing on facebook

#3  share the contest page on twitter and include the hashtag #francophilegiveaway

#4  share this giveaway on your own blog and leave a comment with the link

You will receive one entry per action, increasing your chances to win (please leave a comment per action). Entries must be posted by Thursday June 6th to qualify. The winner will be drawn randomly and announced here on Friday June 7th! Please do not leave your email in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $100 USD total value. Sorry, limited to readers in the U.S. only.




  1. Thanks for the contest! I have been a confirmed Francophile for 50+ years, taught French for 13 years and am now involved with study abroad to France. I would LOVE to win. Oh yeah, we also share a love of twins!

  2. Merci pour le concours! I’m a new reader of your blog (love the new design), a long-time lover of Paris, and have been eyeing “Paris in Color” for several months now. Thanks for the opportunity to win. And, congratulations on three years. :-)

  3. We’ve been following Nichole Robertson and Kimberly Scola for quite some time and would love to have these in our library. I’m also glad to have found another to follow! What great giveaways for a giveaway .

  4. Great giveaway!! Like fleurishing, check. Tweet, check. Share giveaway on my blog, in the works. And why I want to win? Nichole Robertson book has been on my wishlist for months, I’m always looking for Merci cards, and those other items are each too cute! I’d love to get to know their creators and would be proud to have their works in my home. Love the giveaway, Susan! Well done and Happy Blogiversary! It’s my #3 this June too!

  5. I would love to win these gorgeous goodies as I too love all things French – I lived in France for 4 years and married a Frenchman along the way! I’m now a proud mummy of 3 little bilingual bébés (including twin boys) so we have much in common! Congratulations on 3 years of blogging!

  6. Such a lovely giveaway! Congrats on 3 years of blogging! I first visited Paris in 2010 but it’s one city I feel like I didn’t do justice. It was a last minute trip, and I ended up getting the stomach flu right before leaving. I loved Paris so much but I wish I had been able to spend more time there. I was also on a crazy budget so my souvenirs of the lovely city were limited too, so I’d love to have a reminder of that elusive city!

  7. What a lovely giveaway! I’m not nearly as convincing as these dedicated ladies above me, but I love France, particularly Paris. I even got my head stuck in the diamond grating at the top of the Eiffel Tower so I could see Paris unhindered by metal stripes! :)

    Thanks for creating such a sweet package!

  8. Merci for this fantastic giveaway. I have been ‘Frenchify.’ Once you’ve been there, Paris is in your heart forever. It is a hard adjustment to return to American food after the gastronomic delights experienced in Paris…Vive la France !

  9. I tweeted you, linked the blog and hashtagged!

  10. My love affair with Paris began 4 years ago and will continue my entire life. I can’t wait to someday visit this beautiful, enchanted city!!! :)

  11. These are all amazing!! What sweet and clever gesture to express your love language. Though I have yet to visit and know Paris, I am crossing my fingers to travel there in the next year with le fiancé… and also crossing them for either #1 or #3 ;) Congrats dear friend on 3 years of this beautiful collection of memories – very well done!

  12. We were engaged in Paris, and recently celebrated our 17th Anniversary! So, anything that reminds me of that glorious city, and the love I share with my husband is enriching and enlivening.

  13. Just found your blog today and have enjoyed taking a gander. You’ve been here three years, and I’m only just finding you. Hmm! Congrats on your blogaversary! I am a lifelong francophile, just like you. Why would I like to win? Because I’m unable to take a summer trip this year and maybe winning your cool prize would bring a little Paris to me!

  14. I’m an obsessed Francophile so of course I’d love to win! maybe it’ll help a little with my separation anxiety – it’s been two years since I was last in France, and it’s killing me!

  15. I just started following bloggers. It is so neat to enter this brand new world. Merci at a bientot

  16. Congratulations on three years!! It’s been too long since I’ve visited France, so I’d love to win! I liked your fb page both through my blog account and through my personal account! :)

  17. I’d love to win the towels for my new place!

  18. I am a 58 year old New Zealand woman, who feel in love with everything French when I was 12. All my life I have dreamed of visiting France.I have raised 5 children including one with disabilities. Now I am beginning to save to have a dream for ME..

    I love when those who have the blessing I long for share so generously….merci

  19. I tweeted and liked you/shared on facebook!!

  20. I’m such a francophile, and absolutely love and want all 4 items!!
    MERCI for this giveaway!!

  21. I’d love to win this contest because I’ve always had my eye on all things French! I took French throughout high school and just recently went through some of my old diaries and noticed my use of French everywhere as my own little “code.” The items you listed are awesome and would look so beautiful in my new studio apartment!

    I’ve also liked you on Facebook and tweeted about this contest. :)

    Bonne chance tout le monde!

  22. Love France and love all the items on this giveaway! Thank you!

  23. Love Pars, need to get back for a visit again.

  24. Headed to Paris for the first time in about a month and the prize would be a nice surprise for my husband.

  25. What a wonderful collection you have curated here! In your tradition of gift giving, I’d simply like to win to gift this to one of my nearest and dearest who lives and breathes all things French. Thank you for the opportunity. As I don’t have a twitter or blog, I have only commented here and liked your Facebook page.

  26. I love this collection! I have purchased Girls Can Tell items in the past, a huge fan of her work, and I have always admired Nichole Robinson’s work. It is so fresh, so tasteful, and so simplistic and classic! I have a desk with a pocket attached specifically for thank-you cards, and am constantly flipping through AirBnb listing in Paris, hoping to one day go! Currently, I have my eye on a house boat that looks out on the Eiffle Towel. C’est très beau, ce n’est pas? Peut-etre nous pouvons allons ensemble un jour. =)

  27. This is so cute! I took years of French classes and, like you, love the culture. I’d love to add a little French influence into my home!

  28. I’m also a fan of you on Facebook! I’m Brandilyn Haynes on there. Fingers are crossed!

  29. This local Garnet Valley mom and Little Nest lover (they sent me over) would love to replace her tatty tea towels with ones a tilt more chic. PS I liked your blog on FB too!

  30. I absolutely adore the Merci notecards, as I am delving into the beauty of calligraphy. And the book is equally lovely. I would love to own either of them, and my friend Reilly would be head over heels for both the towels and the artwork. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  31. Awesome giveaway! I have two girlfriends OBSESSED with Paris and would love to share these little treasures with them if I won. Congrats!!

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