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I love Philadelphia. I could really end this post on that note but that wouldn’t quite explain this photo…plus I would like to elaborate on one of the many aspects of this city that make me love it so much. The creative community here is alive and thriving in a way I have never experienced before. I should add a disclaimer that I have not lived in the many other major cities that lay claim to vibrant artistic communities, however-many who have still bestow Philly with high praise. Compared to NYC for instance, it is more accessible, and easier to get a start as a newcomer to the scene. No matter your area of interest or talent, you have a home, and a support group here. You also have many markets to attend and/or participate in…the latest of which is the iconic Brooklyn Flea. No, the vendors from Brooklyn are not here, but the best of Philly IS! We attended the inaugural event last weekend and were delighted to see so many of our local favorites and friends included. We have a few other favorite local markets, such as Clover Market in Ardmore (where we were yesterday). Whether you live here or are visiting…options abound. Here is a list of my personal favorites!


Philly Brooklyn Flea

Clover Market

Art Star Craft Bazaar

Outpost by Three Potato Four + URBN


  1. I just found your blog today and I am totally hooked! I moved from Philly (my home town) to Raleigh NC 4 years ago and reading all your wonderful posts on Philly make me soooo home sick, but in a good way. It is really lovely to see someone who is not from the area love it so much. It is inspiring me to make a trip home in the near future.

    P.S. Really enjoy all of your other posts as well :-)

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