happy birthday babies



Dear babies,

One year ago today we met for the first time. The months before our meeting is a bit of a blur now-such a whirlwind of events and emotions. It was a difficult time for me physically, and although you were flourishing in my womb, I found it hard to connect with you. I was anxious and excited to meet you-I’m not very patient, so 35 1/2 weeks seemed like an eternity! As much as I had dreamed and wished to be a mommy, I wasn’t sure I was ready.

Then I heard you, Marie. Then I saw you, Henry. In that instant, my heart multiplied by two…overwhelming love.

Life became a blur again for a while…a blissful blur. It took a few months to understand your needs, and find my footing as a mother. But by the time you were three months old, I was madly IN love with you and giddy in my new role. Each day brought new experiences, for you and me…and there were so many firsts that we shared (I have each and every one documented). Gradually your unique personalities started to emerge, and not surprisingly…just as you are our physical “mini-me’s”, you also share our personality traits.

At one year of age Marie, you are walking with pride, exploring and observing with great curiosity, smiling at strangers, giving big open mouth kisses, making your brother laugh, dancing to music, attempting to sing, and talking a whole lot of babble (plus saying mama and dada), which melts us to pieces. Your intelligence scares us at times (in the best way), and we hope we can keep up with you as the years go by! Your personality shines and lights up a room-you command attention. You are beautiful beyond words, inside and out, and have a maturity beyond your age…an old soul.

At one year of age Henry, you are speed crawling and standing with confidence, studying everything you come across, belly laughing when tickled, gently cuddling, forcefully playing and wrestling, being a bit reserved with strangers, and kissing so very sweetly. You are incredibly observant and thoughtful…your actions have great purpose. Your loving eyes and handsome face can melt hearts-it does mine every day. Your sweet smile radiates so much love and warmth.

It’s true what they say-the days are long but the years are short. Even though some days seem never-ending, this first year feels like a blink. These twelve months have been the hardest and happiest of my life. You are my loves, my heart…my life.


 happy birthday babies

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  1. what lovely sentiments. and those are two sweet, sweet little ones you have there. I hope the months and years just keep getting better for your little family.

  2. So lovely, Susan! Those two are definitely lucky to have you as a mom! Looking forward to celebrating tomorrow with your lovely family! Xo!

  3. Love this! My girls will turn one in less than a month and I’m amazed (and a bit sad) that it all went by so quickly. I can relate to SO much of what you said in the first few paragraphs. Twins are an incredible thing! :)

  4. happy birthday to your beautiful babies & happy Bastille Day from France!

  5. Your letter to Marie and Henry is all encompassing! What a poignant treasure for them to have when they (and you) are older. My special love to them both.

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