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Our home (and babies) are featured on the A Beautiful Mess-At Home With series! Considering that ABM is one of my favorite reads, I’m thrilled! I spent a day shooting with the kids, but also used some of Courtney Apple’s beautiful shots that she took of our home last year. I love that it’s filled with babies now! Anyway, hello + welcome if you’re here visiting from Elsie and Emma’s blog, I do hope you will stay a moment. Leave a note so I can get to know you as well, MERCI!


  1. Thanks to ABM I just discovered your blog and fell in love with it :)
    Maybe in part because you’re in love with the city I was born in, while I fell in love with the States as a teenager..But also for the lovely pictures and enchanting words that you post.

    Sending congrats and gratitude from Paris,

  2. Seriously gorgeous home you have! I love this here blog of yours too! I’m anxiously waiting for my home tour to be posted on ABM, and your home knocks the socks off mine!! :) Cute lil babies you have too! I could squish them.

  3. Wow, beautiful home! You have great taste! Is your clear coffee table from CB2? I love how it keeps the space open looking, but provides the needed functionality…

  4. Bonjour Susan!
    A lovely home and beautiful babies! I’m thrilled I discovered your blog! À très bientôt! (I’m not in France but in the magnificent country of chocolate!!!)

  5. Just ran across your home on a beautiful mess. I love the color of your living room. Would you mind sharing?

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