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Le réveillon is an intimate dinner we host every New Year’s Eve, and it is a special tradition for my family. The word “réveillon” means awakening, and I’ve always loved the concept. It’s an old French custom experiencing a resurgence-in the States for instance, you can’t escape it if visiting New Orleans during the holidays. Regardless of how you ring in the New Year, I hope to inspire your event! I was honored to have our fête featured on Camille Styles-check it out here!

wishing you all a happy new year!!

a huge MERCI to the talented Courtney Apple for capturing the evening so beautifully

more thanks to…Brandywine View AntiquesLindsey BuckSullivan OwenTOPS MalibuWest Elm


  1. This is just beautiful and I love, love the idea of “awakening” as a dinner theme for your evening. Happiest of New Years to you.

    • yes I love the concept of “awakening” so much…thank you Shelley, and same to you!

  2. You have such a gift Susan! I want to plan a last minute New Year’s meal – one that lasts hours and hours and is appropriately French :) Wishing you and your family a very happy 2014 xx Jess

  3. Inspirational indeed! My friend Lauren saw your post and was moved to throw a mini version of le réveillon! Perhaps next year we will :) Thank you for sharing your talents with us.. cheers to an even more art-filled 2014! xo

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