Many of you know of my other site, Nesting, but for those who don’t…it’s my business dedicated solely to baby + kids design. Before having my own children, it made sense to me to keep that world separate, and fleurishing was a space to indulge my francophilia and many other interests. However as you may have noticed, this blog has organically become my go to for everything-I share so much of my life here. Since motherhood, children, and all that entails consumes most of my life now anyway (and I couldn’t be happier about that), I’m merging my online identities. In addition to interior design for littles and adults, I’ve been busy styling events and editorial shoots, and am excited about the opportunities coming my way! Until my full site is developed (with services etc.), the Curious + Co. team have given my landing page a fresh new look-check it out! Of course, if you’re looking to hire me or collaborate, check out my portoflio + get in touch! Thank you all for helping me build my business…your support means so much to me. Here’s to ch-ch-ch changes!

 (random, goofy photo of me taken at blogshop by Angela Kohler)


  1. Yay! That’s exciting! I’m doing basically the same thing, only backwards! It feels strange to outgrow (or in my case refocus) a brand that you’ve invested so much of yourself into, and feels deeply personal, but sometimes it’s just necessary. It irritates me to no end when bloggers/creative types perpetually rename their businesses and brands for no real reason, I feel like it’s kind of a common thing. It sounds like you have a really well crafted and thoughtful plan about how you’re going to proceed with your business. And I’m glad you’re keeping fleurishing, I think it’s a really clever name that suits your blog, and can now work for your business too. If you haven’t taken any courses with Braid Creative, I’d strongly recommend them. I talk about it here on my blog, and here’s their course offerings

    • I’m excited for you Sarah! Honestly, I enjoy branding so much that I’m surprised I haven’t it done more, ha! I’ve put a lot of thought into this move (since the kids were born), so it feels good to finally do it. Thanks for the Braid Creative tip!

  2. How exciting! C&Co does amazing work. I’m looking forward to seeing it! When you put so much of yourself into your work I think it gets harder and harder to ‘separate’ things. And I get a lot of feedback from clients that they love the personal things that I intersperse in with the ‘work’ stuff. It helps them connect on a deeper level even before we meet in person.

    • Thank you Erinn, and yes Curious + Co. is amazing! I agree that getting personal really resonates with your audience.

  3. This is wonderful, Susan! Congrats! I can’t wait to see how it all blends together in one space :)

  4. Woo!!! It’s wonderful to see you reach this point.. it’s clear this is where you’ve been headed for a long time! Excited for you! And I hope I get to do a little more DIYing with you again this year ;)

    The landing page is sharp.. I tip my hat to C&Co, as always.

  5. I’m a firm believer in adapting your brand to your life–it’s the most honest and authentic that way! (I’m actually imagining what my biz would have looked like had I started it five or ten years ago. hilarious).

    • very true Kayla-exactly what I’m doing…thank you for all of your support!

  6. Yay for changes! Love the photo and this makes total sense to me. Can’t wait to see the full merge. xo

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