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We’re having such gorgeous spring weather here in Pennsylvania that most of our week has been spent outdoors…I hope it’s lovely where you are! I still have so much to share from my trip to France (I don’t want to overwhelm you with all of it at once) so I’ll be sharing more soon! In the meantime, my friend Ashley wrote a lovely post about meeting each other, and our time together in Paris. It is so special to connect in person with friends you’ve known online for years, isn’t it? This community of ours is really special, which (to slyly segue) also happens to be the message I love most from the American Blogger film. Yes, I watched it. There is a lot of controversy surrounding it (some I agree with, some I don’t), but what I do know is that I like the big picture message director Christopher Wiegand focused on. As bloggers, sharing our lives publicly, we constantly make ourselves vulnerable to intense criticism (and praise), but in doing so we are building a community, forging new friendships, and trying to better understand and interpret life. Whether or not you do so publicly, that’s really what we’re all here for, don’t you think? If you’ve seen the film I’d love to hear your thoughts (you really can’t judge it from the trailer alone). Here’s a link to it, along with a few other links for your weekend…


american blogger

apps that make you wiser

this video makes me miss the French countryside

biz ladies: top 3 questions to ask when planning your website



  1. Can’t wait to take a look at American Blogger, Susan – thanks for sharing! I am constantly in awe of how blogging has changed my life and I love hearing the stories of others… I love the exploration and – as you’ve said – the sharing and interpreting that happens as you go along… I’ve found my Sunday night activity :)

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