arc de triomphe




My favorite monument…up close and personal. I could walk around it for hours, studying each and every relief. My favorite one, pictured above, features Napoleon, crowned by the goddess of Victory. The neoclassical masterpiece was constructed over thirty years, and inaugurated in 1836. I love it for many reasons…the architecture, the grandeur, the location, and one of the best views in Paris! It is a must-see, much more so than the lovely lady Eiffel.


  1. I LOVE the Arc De Triomphe! It was way taller than I expected. And one of my favourite memories of Paris is standing on top of it on a cold January night watching the streets leading up to it lined with the red and white ribbons of light from the traffic going to and from.

  2. I love that first picture! I haven’t been back to Paris since studying abroad there in college and so hope to get back there soon.

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