calling all philly creatives!



Hello friends! I’m anxious to get back to featuring philly creatives on a regular basis, so in addition to the people I’ve already invited, I’d like to open it up for submissions! If you’re a creative, in any field, and living in the Philadelphia area, please get in touch so we can connect…I’d love to meet you (whether in person or via email)! I continue to be inspired by the talent here, and the supportive community surrounding it. I enjoy sharing stories of artists and entrepreneurs…they are always inspiring. For immediate inspiration, you can check out my archives + twitter list! Also, pay a visit to the awesome new project by husband and wife team Jen + Dave Cooper, South of Brooklyn. They’ve already featured some amazing creatives, including my friends Shauna Alterio + Stephen Loidolt! I guarantee you’ll be inspired.

merci…I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Hi Susan, I’m a photographer living in Center City — I’d love to connect. August is all about shore time and entertaining for me…but I’ll be “back to work” in September and would love to grab a coffee or email chat. I always enjoy your posts. Look forward to connecting, E.

    • hello Elizabeth, thank you for your readership and for reaching out…I’ll be in touch!

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