Well it’s official…my babies are two years old. Cue the mommy tears. Honestly, I’ve shed quite a few over the past few days. I know motherhood is bittersweet in general, but since we know we won’t be having any more children, there is an intense finality to everything for me. In my opinion, it seems to soften the blow when you put the baby stuff away thinking you will get it out again, or that you will have another one or two year old birthday party, etc.  As a woman, it seems we often associate our youth with fertility, and babies. Knowing I won’t ever be pregnant again makes me feel a bit older…and it really shouldn’t, because I’m young (34). It’s a societal pressure that I must get over. So, in addition to celebrating their birthday, I’m struggling to swallow a big, bittersweet pill. My apologies for the pity party…just keeping it real. I hope these cute photos of the kids make up for it! More cuteness (and a call to all mothers) after the jump…





I’d also like to take a moment to address an issue…one day after I shared this sweet + innocent photo of the kids on their birthday, Instagram took it upon themselves to delete it from my account without warning because it was deemed “inappropriate content”. They have diapers on, it is from a distance, and Marie is even covering her chest for god sakes! (a happy accident…plus there is nothing to cover…she’s a baby!!) Many of my friends have been dealing with the same censorship issues…including a few who have had their ENTIRE account deleted due to a beautiful nursing photo, or an innocent photo of their baby/child. Meanwhile, people are stealing pics of our kids for their own use, using pornographic hashtags, etc. but nothing has been done about that. I’m furious + am using my anger as fuel for change. I urge you to sign this petition (as I did) to stop the censorship of motherhood + our children. It has gotten out of hand.


  1. They are too precious! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I know we’ve said it before but now that I’ve read this we DEF need to have a play date or even just a “mommy date”. I too am done & cannot have anymore kiddos so I TOTALLY know what you are feeling… Let’s make it happen ASAP!


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