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These abstract studies of Parisian rooftops by Michael Wolf have me dreaming again. I am feeling the pull, to get back to France, and I’m doing everything I can to figure out a way. I watched House Hunters International last night featuring a couple who sold everything and moved to the French countryside…dangerous for me, as I’ve been tempted to do the same at times! What an incredible experience it would be for the kids, and for us. I constantly imagine that scenario. Have you ever been tempted to do the same? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Some links to inspire…


the paris plan

montgomeryfest travels

financing a move abroad

excerpt from the paris journal

working overseas: 5 things to know


  1. that whole paragraph (and the photos!) sounds like a dream. I’m ready. meet you there?

    thank you, thank you for featuring our Travels page! there’s a lot of heart (and sleepless nights!) that went into it, so I appreciate your generosity more than you know!

    • yes, let’s go! my pleasure Annie, it looks so great…thank you for letting me know. I only wish I had that much travel to share!

  2. Susan! We, too dream of living abroad. Our goal is to grow our business to be run online, live between Philly and Minnesota for 10 months of the year…then live anywhere in the world for the other two months. It’s dreams like these that keep us motivated! I can just see us all now at a Parisian Cafe in a years time!

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