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I’m so excited to welcome you to my new site…! While this is still very much a blog, my new domain name encompasses all that I do…interior design, styling, event planning, and yes, blogging. After almost five years of consideration, I finally took the plunge and acquired the new domain name a few months ago, to accommodate my growing business. I’ve been working closely with Curious + Co. Creative to make this space a home for all that I do, and they created a space that is everything I envisioned. Many of you know that I had a site focused solely on baby/kids design (Nesting), and I made the decision to merge that into fleurishing earlier this year in order to simplify my life and avoid any confusion (I offer more than just baby/kids design). Since then, I haven’t had a place to house my services, so that has a home here now. Other additions include: a more in-depth about page, quick links to my most popular categories in the sidebar, a press page, and contact form. Also, you may have noticed my beautiful new logo, designed by the talented Lindsey Buck…I’m so in love with it! I hope you’ll take a moment to explore my new online home…make yourself comfortable, stay a while (wink). As always, I’m so grateful for your readership and support….MERCI!

photography by Ashley Ludaescher


  1. Looks great lady, congrats! I’m sure many many painstaking hours went into this change, but it looks super seamless. I love consolidating, great job!

    • thank you so much Sarah…Curious + Co. did most of the painstaking stuff, I got to do the (mostly) fun stuff, thankfully. ;)

  2. you look gorgeous .
    toute mes félicitations pour ce projet!
    & a ray of beautiful sun from France

  3. I LOVE IT. So awesome. The quick link photos and your new profile photos are perfect. Nice work, sweet friend, you are ultra talented!!

  4. Beautiful Susan! Congrats on your new “home” and growing business. Excited to see what you do next.

    :) alexandra

    PS- I just returned from Paris and thought of you as I picked up La Duree this morning!

    • thank you Alexandra…loved seeing your Paris adventures, and that you thought of me at Ladurée! :)

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