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“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of  a child. There are seven million.

Walt Streightiff


Were we really in Paris with our children, only a month ago?! It feels like it was a all a dream. I’m so thankful to have moments like these documented, thanks to my friend Ashley Ludaescher (still so many more incredible photos to share). Navigating a foreign country with children, especially toddlers, is challenging for sure. Speaking the language (even at a basic level) really makes things easier, and more enjoyable. Carrie Anne James was kind enough to include me in the development of her French for Paris course, and I’m honored to have inspired the “traveling with kids” bonus lesson. I think it goes without saying that I personally relied heavily on that portion of the program during our trip!

Since this was my first time traveling with my children to France, I wanted to be prepared with the proper terminology. Full disclosure – I didn’t know the word for stroller. There were many times when I found myself using phrases that were new to me, such as “excusez moi, est-ce que les pousettes sont permises?” (excuse me, are strollers allowed?). I located diapers, requested mild cheese, even spoke with other parents, in French – and it felt great. Do you have to speak French in order to travel there with your children? No – but I highly recommend it. You will get more respect, better treatment, and yes, even the elusive smile, from the Parisians. Henry et Marie even garnered a tickle or two (or three).

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    • I will treasure it always Renee, thank you – and yes, the journey has just begun for us! I can’t wait to travel more as a family. xo

  1. What an adorable photo! And I fully believe that speaking even a little bit of French is the ticket to getting better treatment and making connections in Paris. Good for you!

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