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We had one mission this Fourth of July weekend – to give the kids their first splash pad experience. After some research and friend polling, I decided our first should be Sister Cities Park. Having driven by it many times and always seeing a flock of moms and strollers, I knew it must be great. With a pond, children’s garden, cafe + splash pad, it has more than enough to keep the kiddos (and mommy + daddy) happy. Dressed in appropriate holiday colors, we joined the masses in the sunshine! We splashed, we sailed (mini boats), we smiled…it was a good day. Follow through for more cuteness!





If you follow me on Snapchat (@hutchsusan) you saw our day, but if not…follow me there for more! Also, if you’re curious…Marie’s outfit: hat | suit | shoes and Henry’s suit | spf hoodie | shoes. They were both protected + patriotic!




Sister Cities Park | 210 N. 18th Street Philadelphia


    • oh bummer Kari – I’m not sure I ever experienced a splash pad when I was young…not sure it existed?

  1. Nothing better than kids and water on a hot summer day! Fun fun!

  2. From pictures only, I have a sneak peek of your children in a dozen years…your Henry is going to be a tall, strapping athlete…a little on the shy side but with a personality and smile all his own. Your daughter will travel in an entourage and your home will be filled with giggling girls. And oh yes, there will be some drama b/c that’s how Marie will roll. What fun!

  3. so darling! i just went to the water park and the kids frolicking on the splashed were so joyous it was contagious.

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