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I thought a little change of pace might be nice…I’m sharing a few of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow if you’re learning, or want to improve, your French. While there’s a plethora of beautiful French + Francophile accounts (of which I’ll share my favorites soon), the ones that provide language learning opportunities are more rare. I actually discovered my tutor Carrie Anne James via Instagram…I fell hard for her cinematic french word/ phrase pronuncation videos. Speaking of which, she will be doing that exact thing via a daily email, beginning in August – I highly recommend signing up for it here! Her and I both find inspiration in these accounts – some are for beginners, others more advanced…but they are all lovely and informative. I realize that I subconsciously ended up with a summery theme when curating this grid…it must be my vacation brain, ha. Give them a follow and let me know what your favorites (for learning) are!

(listed in order, from top to bottom, left to right)

@zoemacaron | @frenchwords | @deedeeparis | @frenchwords  | @mylittleparis | @malinzillen | @frenchwordsjournal | @theparisdarling | @sophiefontanel | @malinzillen | @deedeeparis | @frenchisbeautiful


  1. This is so wonderful! I’ve only just begun learning French, and these accounts will be incredibly helpful.

    • merci Abby…so happy to help! I’ll be sharing my favorite French/Francophile accounts (mostly friends) soon…stay tuned!

  2. I recently discovered efrenchcafe on Periscope. She’s a translator and French teacher. She lives in Nice, and broadcasts from there and many lovely areas around there. She has a lovely voice and is very kind. I believe she also gives private lessons. She also has a Twitter account and website

  3. Oh, Instagram accounts are surely my weakness. Especially French ones. You cannot help but think: Let’s ,move to France! Either countryside or Paris. I’ll take it

    And I found some new ones, thanks to you.


    • ditto Yvonne – snd yes, I think that ALL THE TIME. ;)

      happy to provide some inspiration!

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