blizzard bliss



Would you believe that thirty (yes, 30) inches of snow fell here in Pennsylvania?! I’m still in shock – it’s like a dream come true for me (and us). Once the blizzard conditions stopped and the concern of losing power (mostly) subsided, we were able to have some fun! The sun came out, people emerged from their cocoons, and we headed out on an adventure. Our local park was a scene of fluffy white perfection, and we just couldn’t resist it. Despite explaining to Henry + Marie that they wouldn’t be able to use the playground, it required some demonstration. Let me just say that Mr. Fleurishing and I achieved our cardio goals for the day and are a bit sore, but it was worth it. These moments and memories are priceless.






Marie was determined to swing (and actually did), but this photo is a great visual reference for the depth of snow. She’s not even touching bottom! We also had some fun around our building with the (still fresh) snow piles – they made for perfect slides. While I could have stayed out all day (and did go for a solo walk though town), the kids tired quickly of the cold and cried “uncle” (as referenced below). If you’re on the east coast like us, how did you fare with Jonas? Psst…all of this snow day action is still over on snapchat: hutchsusan, but hurry – it will self-destruct shortly!





outfit details: kids (reversible) jackets | je t’aime hats


  1. These are SO beautiful! And oh, to be a kid again. I still have vivid memories from childhood romps in the snow (usually with my dogs!)

    • thank you so much Lindsey! I also have so many special childhood memories with snow…I love that this evokes those for you as well.

    • fingers crossed for you Molly, and thank you! we’ll send some your way. ;)

  2. I love how big snowfalls force you to slow down and embrace getting outside. We are still feeling the results of all the shoveling and plowing too… but it feels good to be sore. Like oh hey muscles, where did you come from?

    Beautiful pics!! That last one of Henry is so classic. And the waist-level shot of Marie… such a little model. xoxo

    • ha yes absolutely Angie…but I will say we are enjoying the maintenance free lifestyle right now after so many years of shoveling. ;)

      thank you so much – yes that one of Marie kills me. xoxo

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