a day in paris with kids


I’ve been saving this video for a while now–words cannot even express how much I/we treasure it. Last year, during our family trip, we had the good fortune of being in Paris at the same time as Jenner Brown. Having admired his work for years, I had reached out to him beforehand with my wish of capturing a day in Paris with Henry and Marie, and thankfully, he agreed to participate. I like to think that fate played a big part in everything aligning to make it a reality. Jenner joined us as we visited many kid-friendly places…we were a tad limited by the stamina of the kids at age two-and-a-half, otherwise we might have seen more that day. Regardless, we accomplished a lot and had so much fun while doing so. Sharing my love for Paris with my children has been one of my life’s greatest joys, and this video ensures those memories are treasured forever. I can’t think of a better way to commemorate our family trip (exactly one year ago).

a film by jenner brown


  1. I love your little family, your style, and that red nail polish! How lucky are you to have such an incredible treasure to cherish for years to come. Bon voyage!!! ???? I’ll think of you while I’m doing my French homework! :)
    Right now, I’m memorizing Jacques Prévert Déjeuner du matin!
    Toujours ~ Jacqueline (wingnut817)

    • thank you so much Jacqueline…and you always notice my nail polish! ;)

      so lucky indeed, and thank you for thinking of me. bisous!

    • thank you Kayla, and yes it will be amazing to share it with Felicity someday!

  2. Oh my goodness, I just want to watch this all day. How delightful! Do cherish this memory forever. I know you’ll have other excursions to Paris with your family, but this first one will always be extra special.

    • aw, me too Miranda! it’s kind of embarrassing how much we’ve watched it, lol. yes I look forward to more French adventures with the kids, but absolutely – the first one will always be extra special. merci!!

  3. This is sublime, absolutely sublime. Cannot wait to see you here in Paris in just a few days! Bon voyage, ma belle! Bisous xoxoxo

    • merci mille fois Carrie Anne…and yes, I cannot wait to see you in our beloved city! XOXO

  4. Mon Dieu!
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful trip sans enfants…

  5. This is so amazing. I love the editing (and of course the Yann Tiersen song).. perfect capture of your beautiful fam! xoxo

    • sorry for the (extremely) belated reply Angie – thank you so much. this song is very special to me (long story), and I hesitated to use it since it’s so well known. however, after trying quite a few other songs, my first instinct just felt right. xoxo

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