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The blossoms are blooming here in Pennsylvania, despite Mother Nature being very confused (it’s currently 45 degrees). From what I’m seeing on my friends snapchats and images, the blooms are beginning in Paris, and I’m hoping to see them in ten days, eek! I’m crazy busy getting both home + work life in order before I go, but right now I’m making time to review my French. As you may have seen in my French is Beautiful series, I’ve been studying and improving thanks to (my friend + tutor) Carrie Anne James. Even after years of speaking French, I always review and refresh my knowledge before a trip. Speaking the language (even at a basic level) shows respect, makes things easier, and therefore, more enjoyable.

The French for Paris audio program covers all the basics for navigating and enjoying Paris, and while it’s quite comprehensive, it’s not overwhelming. Carrie Anne teaches you to improvise in conversation, not just imitate, as well as offering cultural tips to help you understand why certain things are said (or not). There are also some fun extras, like the “traveling with kids” bonus lesson, which I’m honored to have inspired! Also included in the course is a guide to Carrie’s favorite places in Paris, which I’ve devoured. While all of her program offerings are amazing (see them here), if you have plans to travel to Paris (and France in general), this one’s for you. Tell her I sent you…merci à tous!

image courtesy of Ashley Ludaescher Photography

*my tutoring is c/o French is Beautiful…these words + opinions are my own*


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