j’adore dior!


Ok, I just can’t help myself. I feel compelled to blog about SATC2, and of all the shots to choose from,  (many of them fabulous interiors), I can’t resist this one. I have wanted this J’adore Dior shirt ever since Carrie first wore it. I’m not usually drawn to such obvious displays of labels (even though I am admittedly a label snob sometimes), but this one just seems to go with everything! I am not a fashionista…I usually stick to the classics…but this shirt makes me swoon.

image courtesy of here


  1. i’m with you on this one!
    so chic, yet athletic and sexy all at the same time!

    love seeing your daily thoughts via the blog!

  2. It was my fav outfit in the whole movie, which I know might be a controversial statement! I loved it with the skirt!! (and of course so practical for shopping in the Souq)

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