sully sur loire



Many are familiar with the lovely Loire Valley, and it happens to be a very special place for me. There are endless chateaus and castles to be found there, but this one is a bit off the beaten path and not as well known. It happens to be a few blocks from my brother’s home! Yes, he has it rough…living in the shadow of this amazing 14th century fortress! It was renovated in 2006 and  the well preserved medieval interiors are worth a tour. It is situated right on the Loire river, and the town itself is extremely charming. I recommend dining at Cotes et Jardin, a lovely little gem in the heart of town.

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  1. I see my castle everyday and I still love it !

    Soon ,there will be a little castle to buy on the river Loire.Just 5 miles from Sully.
    It’s called : le chateau de Cuissy.
    Farmers of the neigbourhood told me that.
    If only I had the money !

  2. Love this! I hope i can make it back again soon to check it out. The only medieval château I visited was Chinon and I wanted to see some others but didn’t know which. Def added to the long list of Musts in the Loire. :)

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