my teddy twin


This past weekend I attended the Design Sponge event at Terrain, and had the pleasure of meeting Grace Bonney. I have to admit, I was filled with dorky, giddy excitement. Not only for the reasons we all know, but for a personal one as well. When Anthology shared a preview of their magazine online, I nearly fainted when I turned to page 23. There sat MY teddy bear…the treasure of my childhood! I couldn’t believe my eyes-I had never seen another one like him. And yet there he was, staring back at me, just as sweetly worn and loved as mine. I immediately tweeted this revelation, and Grace responded, with just as much amazement as me! Neither of us could believe it. At the event, I introduced myself as her “teddy twin”, and to my delight, she immediately knew who I was. Webby & Teddy…the lost twins…!!

I have been an avid reader of her blog for years now, and have such admiration for her creativity, entrepeneurial spirit, and business sense. Her blog continues to inspire me, in so many ways. As a small business owner, her Biz Ladies series has provided such great advice, tips, and even comfort at times. I have also been more inclined to attempt more difficult DIY projects! It was fabulous to hear her speak about her upcoming book, and she shared some juicy sneak peeks and behind the scenes anecdotes. It’s going to be hard to wait until next summer/fall to buy it! In the meantime, I will continue to adore her, and her blog!



  1. My goodness you both look gorgeous!! I’m so glad you got to meet her :) I hope that’s the start of a flourishing professional relationship….??!!

  2. LOVE her blog, how great you got a chance to meet her! That is very cool about your Teddy twins…what are the odds?!

  3. So great that the owners of the “teddy twins” got to meet. Now you’ll have to get the teddies together to compare how they’ve aged!

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