a dream come true in paris…





We returned to our hotel after our first outing to discover the management had upgraded our room (to remedy some mishaps upon arrival). Upgrade would be the understatement of the year! We wandered through the maze of halls, realizing we were headed toward a great view…well, we could not have imagined this!! A 270 degree view of Paris. I burst into tears, having dreamed of having a view like this someday…never thinking it would actually happen! We had five-yes, five! balconies, and the view spanned from the Arc, down the Champs, over the Tuileries, all the way down to the Louvre. Had I died? 

We watched the Eiffel Tower sparkle in the morning sun, and magically at night. It was a view to be shared, so we did…my friend Joni was in Paris, and Lindsey was able to come by…see her post about it here. Even a Parisian marveled at the view, which made me feel a tad less ridiculous in my childlike wonder. We dined in our room two nights after deciding that not only was the hotel food surprisingly amazing, but that we had one of the best views in Paris! We rolled our dining table in front of the side balcony (with the view of the Eiffel), and sat in complete awe and gratitude. It was an amazing experience we will never forget…

For the complete panorama, check out my (amateur) video here!


  1. I love that you dined in your room with that amazing view. That is exactly what John and I would have done.
    I love how you enjoy all things around you.

  2. That is a truly exquisite view. Though I’m jealous I wasn’t there, I couldn’t be happier that you were able to share it with mr. fleurishing!

  3. A+ to the Westin! I love hearing traveling stories like this! and I loved reading Lindsey’s article about experiencing the city through the eyes of a tourist, I think no matter where you live that makes your home town sparkle again. love it!

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