l’orangerie lilies




Every time I've been in Paris the l'Orangerie museum has been under construction, and I can't even explain my excitement that it was finally open on our recent trip! I grew up loving Monet's art and learning about his life, thanks to my mother. I've devoured pretty much any and all places that house his works, and this was at the top of my must-see list. I was worried that all the build-up to this event would outshine the actual experience, but thankfully, it did not disappoint. They are truly awe-inspiring…I could have sat on the benches and stared ALL day.



  1. Oh, that I could have been there with you. There is so much to see and to be able to share it, even better!

  2. Susan, so great to see you here!! (and love your name) ;)

    Mom…wish we could have been there together, but our Paris trip will forever be one my most treasured memories. xoxo

  3. Cailin…not corny at all! Monet’s work has always had a huge impact on me…moves me to tears whenever I see it in person. No matter how many times I see it-always. I’m happy it moved you. :)

  4. It’s’about time i return to Paris and explore again all thé museums and Versailles. Réading your blog is like lookingg through the cake shop window and thinking: i want that!merci pour la photo! Very inspiring.

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