Hello, my name is Susan, and I'm addicted to macaroons. Not just ANY macaroons…Ladurée specifically. The talents of Pierre Hermé have not swayed me from my longstanding obsession. It is usually the first stop when arriving in Paris, and the last! This past trip, my goal was to visit every Ladurée location in the city, and we did it! I managed to bring back about a dozen on the plane, and nearly cried as I bit into the last one back home. The classics are mon préféré…especially vanille. Do you have a favorite macaroon flavor, and what are your thoughts on Ladurée vs. Hermé? There have been heated debates about this people…seriously!


  1. Herme has more innovative flavours but I prefer the texture of LaDuree’s macarons. I love them both though but if I really had to pick one over the other I would pick LaDuree. Just had the rose ginger macarons in November and that is my new favourite flavour.

  2. Funny, I finally had an opportunity to try Pierre Hermé and Ladurée in one sitting to compare and I preferred the texture of Pierre Hermé’s, the flavors are certainly more interesting – but Ladurée wins on packaging for sure.

  3. Didn’t Herme get his start at Laduree? Got to love an original. Laduree hands down in my opinion!

  4. I applaud your goal! Even more, I applaud your sharing them with me upon your return from Paris!! Hooray for Laduree! ;)

  5. It’s hard to choose between the two. We went to a Pierre Hermé in Tokyo (people there seem to be reeally obsessed with French pastries) and agreed that we liked it better at the time… but Ladurée is so pretty and Parisian!

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