our cottage!



I'm so happy to finally share our news with you…in a few weeks this will be our new home! I've been driving myself crazy with design decisions, and maybe mr. fleurishing a bit too, hehe. I call it "designer's curse", as it is always harder designing for yourself. We've started packing up our little loft and are so excited to be in a home again. It's the first time we've bought a home together, so it is special, and we can see ourselves there for a long time. Truly smitten with our historic little town, we're only moving a few blocks away. Built in 1948, our cottage is one of the "newer" properties in the area! I'll be chronicling the design process as we go along………..



  1. congratulations! looks just perfect – and nearly in that mid century time period i adore. i do see some of those large windows of that era illustrated. can’t wait to see more!

  2. I’m looking forward to “seeing” your progress. It looks like a picture postcard. I also love that time period. Have fun!!

  3. quintessential Pennsylvania style! So happy for you and this next chapter in your lives together! Hope to get to see it for myself!

  4. Absolutely fabulous!! I LOVE the fireplace chimney as a focal point in the front. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do. I can only guess that it will be lovely!

  5. Congratulations!!!! SO exciting! The cottage is absolutely adorable, I hope your little family has nothing but joy and happiness in your sweet new home!

  6. Susan congrats! I am so envious, this is such a gorgeous home, good luck on the move and I can’t wait to see how the process turns out. I love a good ‘reveal’.


    Miss B.

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