historic preservation


I have my parents to thank for my interest in history, and my local area for inspiring my love for historic preservation. Ever since moving to historic Chester County, Pennsylvania, I have been a bit obsessed with absorbing all the information I can, studying the regional history, and photographing as much architecture as possible. No matter where you go, history surrounds you. When a friend told me of the first annual Preservation Fair I was so excited by the idea…I just HAD to go! I nerded out (as my husband says) on so many experts under one roof…I learned quite a bit, and met many talented people. My passion continues to grow…


  1. I am a nerd too!!!! You need to join the Society for Historic Preservation…great mag and discounts to historic sites and hotels.

  2. Hooray for history nerds! I DO need to join the National Society…am a member of the local, but of course want to support all. Thanks Amy!

  3. Wow, I need to join this society, too. With the conclusion of grad school (three weeks!!), I absolutely cannot wait to explore a wide range of interests and hobbies…including historic preservation.

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