renovation…part un




So far our home renovation has consisted mostly of plaster wall repair and painting…much more than we anticipated. We made the decision a while back to use Farrow & Ball paint, and I’m so glad we did (and am SO thankful for my trade discount)! The colors are rich and saturated…unlike any other, and their well known chalky matte finish is really gorgeous, and hides imperfections on old walls. I have been seriously tempted to lick the walls. Oh yeah. That’s how much I love the paint. Details and photos will soon follow, I promise!



  1. I first heard of this brand through you, so thanks for sharing. Thinking about re-painting a couple rooms in my house so this may come in handy. Was shipping reliable and easy?

  2. hehe Amy…it’s like “be aggresive” but with “yay emulsion, yay ay emulsion, woo!” :)

    thanks for reading Julie! xo

    Cailin , so glad I introduced you to Farrow (and I also apologize, hehe). It shipped from Toronto so you will be in good shape, and it was fast and easy. They also have a store in Soho…worth a visit maybe while you’re in NYC?

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