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The Oprah interview with Tom Shadyac really opened my eyes…did you see it? They discussed issues that many of us have thought about or debated at times in our life, but in much greater depth. A successful Hollywood director, he found himself living the life culture directed him to live. Huge house, private jet, luxury galore. He then had a life changing realization…he wasn't any happier, and his heart felt empty. He gave up most of his material possessions and changed the way he lived in a drastic way. The intention of his documentary is to start the conversation, and to help us change the way we view, and live, our lives. To learn more visit his website…it is quite a powerful message, no matter what your beliefs are. Inspirational!



  1. I don’t watch TV so I am so glad that you mentioned this as I would have otherwise missed it, it is fascinating. I have always felt that people with money aren’t any happier than those who don’t. It certainly eases some pain points, but it doesn’t make you happy!

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