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There is something about being in our 1940's cottage that brings out the "suzy homemaker" in me. I think it is possible I had a past life in that era, as I have always loved everything about it. The culture was so rich and lively…the music, fashion, lifestyle, it all suits me. My grandfather passed on his Saturday Evening Post collection to me, and sometimes I wish I could jump right into a Norman Rockwell illustration. I've always loved my name (Susan) as it is "of the time". Living in this retro home makes me want to cook more (I rarely do), hang laundry outside to dry (we have a line), and wear a fancy apron around the house (I have a vintage one). Just, you know…for fun. I'm curious…what era do you most associate with and why?


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  1. I am most intrigued by the 20s and 30s because of the stamina it required to just get by. I also totally dig interiors and architecture from that time.
    My Mom says the 50s were the best time on earth..WWII was over (Korea seemed so distant) and it was a great time to be newly married and a housewife.
    Interesting thing I read about what period we romance or like the styles of…You will always go back to your grandparents generation!

  2. That’s really interesting Amy-my grandparents married and began their lives together in 1941. I’ve always associated most with that era. The 20’s & 30’s intrigue me as well…such hard times that brought everyone together, much like World War II.

    I agree Ashley…the greatest generation! :)

  3. The early 60s! Beach rock music, surf culture, big hair, but still a lot of innocence and pretty dresses. Wish I could go hang out on Waikiki!

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