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I love these vintage decoupaged globes by ImagineNations…no two are alike. When I was young I always had a globe in my room, and it really inspired me to travel and explore other cultures. Sometimes I would just spin it and wherever my finger stopped, I would imagine going there. Did you ever do that?



  1. Believe it or not, I had a similar globe like that as a kid in my room. It has a bulb inside and I would switch it on at night and see all the continents in shiny bright colors then. I remember the USSR which seemed like a huge country to me. I was proud to see that France was the largest in Europe and felt somewwhat reassured to live in a larger country than most. Thanks for bringing up such memories. I wonder if that globe is still at my parents’ house. It’s in my memories and that’s what matters after all.

  2. Haha! I wrote about these same globes and mentioned the same game that I used to play with my brothers. Globes and maps have always fascinated me and these are the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen.. I love the butterfly one most!

  3. Cool Eva–I just checked out your post from March! I had not discovered your blog yet, but I have seen these making the rounds, they are so cool. I love that butterfly one, and featured it on my nesting blog. ;)

    Pleased to bring up happy memories for you Bernard!

  4. My sister had a globe, I didn’t. I would always go into her room and spin it – mostly because it was old and likely to fall of its frame but also to look at all the places in the world I had to discover. I haven’t gotten all that far, but I did manage to break the frame in the end =)

  5. I always wanted a globe and never got one and was always jealous of my cousin who had one that doubled as a lamp! You have just reminded me of my forgotton wish list along with my green bankers lamp! Thank you! :-D

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