1. I’ll buy a few degrees from across the ocean right now!
    Weather forecast for Paris (July 25th): low 61 -high 74…10 or 12 degrees below normal. Your ice cream won’t melt too quickly! It’s been a chilly summer in France. Even in the deep south, we are struggling to reach near 30°C (80 F) temperatures.
    By the way, what’s the most unusual flavor you had once?
    Mine was thyme flavor in a star-studded restaurant near Aix-en-Provence. It was incredible. I don’t think I’ll have this again in my life. It was not even the contents of a scoop but it was heavenly.

    PS: of course, no one can beat the famous glaces de chez Berthillon. Your blog is making me feel like going to Paris for a few days (I have yet to decide on a destination for my holiday and Paris in August has a special flavor…).

  2. Hello again Bernard…can we trade locations?! I tried a truffle flavored ice cream once, that was amazing. The fact that my blog is making you feel like heading to Paris is a huge compliment, makes me smile! MERCI! :)

  3. Bonjour Susan (or shall I call you ”Suzanne” :) ?)

    You beat me with that crème glacée à la truffe! I’ll take back what I said about Thyme as Truffle is the ultimate flavor. Winter months come with a positive note when we can cook those truffle scrambled eggs…
    Hard to believe I said I’d like to visit Paris knowing I am not too fond of the Ville Lumière but it is true your blog has something special and a bit emotional because it is about all the small things we french people treasure (and don’t always see anymore because we are too close perhaps). The things we miss when we spend a long time away from home.
    PS: I love your hat on the other picture by the way.I don’t see many women with such elegance anymore (or I suppose, I’d have to go to Paris for that…).

  4. i just love Paris and the icecream. last time I was in Paris I went to this icecream place that made your icecream into fancy flowers- it was pretty tasty and amazing.

  5. Erika, where was it that made ice cream into flowers?! Do tell! :)

    Bernard, my name is french class was always “Suzanne”, funny you say that. I truly appreciate your kind words, merci!! :)

  6. J’aime bien le nom de Suzanne, it sounds so French to me with the uniqueness of the ”z” letter. It’s the name of late friend of my mother, someone very sweet whom I am sure she misses dearly. She wore a hat a bit like you. I wish women wore hats more often (and men too like in the 40’s and 50’s). It’s so rare nowadays but so classy. Our time needs more class.

    Anyway, I had once a violet blossom flavored ice-cream (quite interesting but not too flavorful in itself). It was not shaped like a flower though!

  7. Would you prefer cold and melancholic? If so, head to Paris! It’s funny, Berthillon really isn’t my favorite, I’m all about the gelato. BUT of late, my body tolerates very badly the creaminess of either. I have to be willing to feel pain afterward :( The realities of getting older…

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