celebrating the louvre




On this day in history, 1793, the Louvre was first opened as a public museum. Building began in 1546, on the site of an old 12th century fortress (which you can still see remains of in the crypt). It served as a palace for monarchy, from the reign of King Francis I, all the way to Louis XIV, before he moved his court to Versailles. The museum houses nearly 35,000 objects and is the world's most visited. It is such an amazing structure, and continues to impress with it's beauty, inside and out. 

image courtesy of Alexandra Sklar, Bancroft & Ivy 


  1. Merci pour la leçon d’histoire! I did not know le Louvre started as a museum during la Révolution. I always learn something on your blog! Can’t wait to see the 19th century painting gallery when I go back there.

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