1. Dang!! so sorry I missed it. You ladies look fabulous. Was the get-together posted somewhere?? Shame on me for not tuning in!

    love you blog!

    best – d.

  2. I hope you don’t find me lame but I Can’t remember the last time I saw so many beautiful women in one place. Thé ambiance Was cheerful it seems. It is nice to see genuine smiles! I heard foreigners cplain about the french pout? Did you expérience unkindness while in France?

  3. Yes, Denese…we invited via twitter mainly, then email…sorry we missed you. Thanks for visiting my blog! ;)

    Oh, Bernard…merci…yes, Americans do smile more. I still smile quite a bit in Paris, I don’t care if it’s not as common. I just try not to amile too much at men, unless it’s my husband. To say I have never experienced unkindness in France would be untrue…I have experienced unkindness everywhere I’ve been, however I cannot stand the cliché that French are rude. I have had such amazing experiences with the French people, they always warm my heart.

  4. Susan, Keep on your smile while in France or wherever you may be! Life is too short to pout!I hope your trip will be fantastic and memorable.A true francophile like you deserves a red carpet treatment :-)

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