the dogs of cheverny





I was reminded of the beautiful hunting dogs of Cheverny thanks to Kasia's recent trip to the Loire Valley. When I visited with my brother in 2006, I was really amazed by how regal they were…but of course they are, right? I believe there are about seventy…we got lucky and caught them at nap time. I couldn't stop photographing them, so beautiful. I love the one sitting up, looking towards the setting sun…



  1. wow, des chiens de chasse à courre! Must be impressive to watch when they are chasing after deers but I can’t help thinking no wild animal stands a chance against so many of them…Quite rare to see them at nap time! jolie photo! This is something I’ll never get to see down south!

  2. I had forgotten seeing these beautiful dogs. To see so many together, and at rest was amazing.

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