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I’ve been invited to participate in the 7 Links Project by my friend Lindsey of Lost In Cheeseland. I mostly choose to opt out of meme’s, because like Lindsey, I prefer to chart my own course. However this one, initated by TripBase, is challenging and fun, in my opinion. The goal of the project is to incite bloggers to unite and share, bringing older articles out of the archives that deserve fresh, new eyes. I am flattered to be nominated, and I hope you enjoy my links! Do you like how I tied in Anne’s Paris map featuring the 7th arrondissment…?! I think it’s pretty clever, if I do say so myself. Thank you for reading!

Most Beautiful…
I chose this as it is the one most beautiful to me, in the sentiments I shared, and the revelation I had in my life. It also happened to coincide with Valentine’s Day. My Personal Paris

Most Popular…
It seems based on stats that my Proust Series really resonates with readers, and I always receive great feedback, whether on the blog or twitter…it helps others to learn of great blogs and get to know their favorite writers in a more in depth way. Proust Archives

Most Controversial…

I don’t know if I have any posts that qualify for this category, however I feel that this one raised a thought provoking concept and question. An Idea of Paris

Most Helpful…
This was tough, but I chose this post because it was helpful for me to share publicly, and also it seems readers appreciate hearing the struggles of others, as it reminds us we are not alone, we all have burdens and stresses and can help lift others up. It reminds me how thankful I am for all of you! Dark Seas

Most Surprising Success…

Based on stats, my busiest traffic day was in celebration of my one year blog anniversary, which is so flattering! I was (and am) truly touched by all the love & support. Une Année

Not Enough Attention…
I really don’t feel like my posts about Billy get enough attention. Kidding, kidding…I can’t help myself in promoting his cuteness, and I love how you all share in my adoration! Billy Archives

Most Proud Of…
I would have to say I am most proud of launching my online business, and was joyously overwhelmed with the support and interest I received!  Announcing…Nesting!

I am inviting the following bloggers who I hope will choose to participate as I did…

Kayla of Exquisite Banana

Ashley of Chasing Heartbeats

Kasia of Love In The City of Lights


  1. Loved all of these! Your blog has come a long way and I can’t wait to see what posts you would select this time next year!

  2. Susan, it is nice of you to give us a list of unread posts as far as I am concerned. That will give me a chance to dig into your many talents! the Paris map reminds me I will just be passing through next week between gare de Lyon and gare Montparnasse on my way to Tours for a meeting. Not even sure I can catch a glimpse of the Tour Eiffel. I am sure you would call it a disgrace to spend only 1 hour in Paris… shame on me!
    As for Billy, he deserves a blog of his own!!

  3. Kayla…your comment made me SMILE, and I can’t wait to read yours. ;)

    Bernard…The goal of the project is to do exactly that-introduce new readers to older posts and ones that have importance. I LOVE that you said Billy needs his own blog…I agree, and that would be so fun.

    Lindsey…thank you again for nominating me, and MERCI!!

  4. I DO like your photo tie-in! Very clever, indeed!

    I’ve been meaning to say THANK YOU for adding me onto your list of inspirations! Such a lovely surprise. : )

    Off to check out your nominations!

  5. I love the photo in ”my personal Paris”…fantastique! This photo deserves an award!
    I think Paris is so diverse that each of us can claim to have their own personal Paris because you can find something that relates to you personally in that city. A lot of people only see the magnificence and the architecture but it is also an epitome of the rest of the world due to immigration waves. I think this city is both irritating and fascinating because it catches most of the light and makes the rest of France look small at times. The atmosphere is special and found nowhere else in France. One feels both at home and in a foreign land. A strange mix that’s hard to explain but can only be experienced! Of course, you may disagree with me!

    PS: I did not know where the expression ”we’ll always have Paris” came from till I read your Humphrey/Bogart post. I heard a few times when I lived in the US but I have never quite heard it here in French. Interesting!

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