Irene…lovely name, not so lovely storm. We will be needing these this weekend, as the best case scenario calls for a LOT of rain. We live in a suburb of Philadelphia, and are hoping for the best, and keeping our friends and family elsewhere on the east coast in our thoughts. You can never be too careful, so we are prepared for the worst, and hoping for the best. Stay safe everyone…and given that we have power, I’ll be back here on Monday. This is a piece of cake compared to an earthquake, right?!   ::wink::

 (took this shot recently at Terrain…these are on my wish list)



  1. Are these Tretorn boots? I saw Terrain sold them, and I actually bought an olive ankle-high pair from the store in NYC! Soho or Greenwich, I forget. GREAT boots, best design and quality I’ve seen. You should definitely check them off your wish list :)

  2. Stay safe!! Looks like you’re more than well prepared! Also, funny thing.. as I’d be doing a lot of field studies in England (if I go), they requested that I bring Wellingtons, ha!

  3. Thanks Eva…oh these would be perfect for England!

    I think so Angie…you were with me when I took this shot actually, and I believe you noticed that they were ;)

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