I was reminded of my desire to explore Montreal after reading the latest issue of Pure Green Magazine. Have you seen it? I just love it…nice job ladies (and Jonathan)! Rich in history, Montreal is filled with unique and beautiful sites and experiences. It also happens to be the second largest primarily French-speaking city in the world, after Paris! So, it's a francophile haven, and currently more budget friendly than the city of lights. High on my list is the International Jazz Fair held there annually…that would be the time of year I would most likely go, even with the hoards of people. It is just too good to miss! Although, being the snow bunny that I am, the Fête des Neiges (or snow festival) is extremely enticing as well. A winter wonderland with snow slides and ice castles?! Sign me up.


  1. I’m constantly reminded how I should have visited Montreal (as much as possible) while I lived in Canada! One day, for sure… it’s high on my mental “to visit” list. Also, never heard of Pure Green Magazine before, but it sounds like I’d love it! Going to check it out now.

  2. I have had recent desires to visit here…it seems like a little piece of multi-Europe placed close by. I Wonder if we should all plan a trip!

  3. Montréal is what the US would be like if the French had won over the Britons in the 18th century. Just imagine, the whole of the US speaking French!
    My sister loves it and visits her friends there every year. Matter of fact, she is there at the moment. Their French is a bit odd as they have their own words and expressions but they understand standard French everywhere.

  4. DYING to go to Montreal, can’t even express that strongly enough. I don’t know if I could take the cold but even the summers are supposed to be magnificent!

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