la fontaine gaillon…





In researching new and exciting places to dine in Paris, I remembered one of the best meals I've ever had, at La Fontaine Gaillon. Situated in the 2nd arrondissement, the location is idyllic, in la Place Gaillon. The owner, whom you may know of (wink), takes great care in selecting the menu, and it changes frequently to accomodate the best possible fare, and focuses on classic cuisine. I was with my Mom, and we were delighted with the food, and we thought the prices were very reasonable for such an elegant experience. I was impressed with their wine list, which focused on small, locally owned vineyards. Across the way is their second restaurant…L'ecaille de la Fontaine, which is more intimate and feels like you are just hanging out with Gérard. Ah yes, the owner I mentioned would be Gérard Depardieu. 


  1. Great suggestions! I love that illustration too :) and I never knew that M. Depardieu was into the restaurant business! Très chouette!

  2. Gérard Depardieu can be trusted about good food and wine but he’s not sane of mind anymore in my opinion. There Was some disturbing story about him in the news today according to which he caused an incident in an air plane just before take-off. I”ll spare you the détails as it is pretty gross and does not belong in SUCH a classy and tasteful blog.

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