parc brasserie



Parc Brasserie in Philadelphia is one of my new favorite places in the city…I’ve been finding more and more bits of Paris in my new city! We arrived early on a weekday morning, but after most had headed to work, so it was luxuriously calm, and there was a very pleasant breeze (even in this heat). Looking out over Rittenhouse Sqaure, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast, complete with an (almost) perfect, flaky, croissant. Great people (and dog) watching, and our waitress was seriously cool…ask for J.D.! I truly got lost for a bit, and my mind wandered off to the bistros in Paris…le sigh.


  1. My favorite American city and by far the Frenchiest hot spot in Philly! So glad you enjoyed your meal there. Looks like you had perfect weather for Rittenhouse people watching!

  2. True Kayla, that always helps it to feel like Paris!

    I will Amy…I’m envious of all your flying adventures, miss plane designer!!

    We did have perfect weather Lindsey, and it’s so great there!!

  3. Till I read your comment, I thought the shots were taken in Paris. On dirait un vrai bistrot parisien. I hope they serve brasserie cuisine just like in Paris: plain but hearty meals (entrecôte, côte de veau, andouillette, etc,…). The chairs are facing outwards so as to let you watch people go by (while reading ”le Monde”). This is not an imitation for sure! Une petite enclave française! Two thumbs up! Je prendrai un grand café crème avec deux croissants, s’il vous plaît! The Parc shop next door looks like a bakery to me. Is it?

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