sunday exploration


Sunday is our day to explore. We choose a few open houses to see, usually the older the better. Last time we saw a farm built in 1795, complete with smokehouse (above). Many homes were part of the underground railroad, and we’ve seen secret doors, and have stood in a deep cellar where men, women and children would have sought shelter on their way to freedom…it was quite moving. We’ve learned so much about the history of our area, and continue to be amazed by the privilege of getting such a personal look into homes that could very well be museums. 


  1. Interesting.This photo reminds me of some sheperd’s’cabins in Provence but this is besides the point.It is nice to see they have preserved this place as a historic landmark.

  2. SO neat! Sounds like you guys live in an amazing city and you’ve inspired me to want to visit. Hope you’re feeling well these days!

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