1. Super huge congrats for being featured on Anne’s blog! Such a great thing to be proud of–treat yourself to a lovely French dessert :) Your photos are amazing from your trip!

  2. Bravo Susan pour avoir été citée dans le blog d’Anne! I did not know you are from that beautiful area. It is one of the few regions of France to have kept a strong identity and where people still speak the local language. I never had the chance to visit Strasbourg and even less Alsace, Moselle or Lorraine and I know I am missing big time on that. Now,I know whom to ask for good advice! The photos are lovely and I know their cuisine and wines are famous.
    J’aime beaucoup ces photos; elles me font voyager! merci :-)

  3. Aw, thanks Lindsey…Anne is awesome. We met in Paris on my last visit (see archives for post if you’re curious) and she is the sweetest!

    Merci Bernard, I’m flattered & so glad my photos encourage you to explore your own country! (that would be too tricky for me to say en français…)

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