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Remember when I mentioned that I had an exciting new project? Well, now I can share it with you! I was so flattered to be asked by the talented ladies of Curious & Co. to style their Claremont Collection photoshoot. I had the great pleasure of working alongside the experienced photographer Trevor Dixon, and it was such an awesome experience. That's my hand…styling is meticulous work, and honestly…I loved every minute of it. They have just re-launched their site, which looks incredible, and one of their wedding invitations is featured in the latest Martha Stewart Weddings!! I'm so happy for them, and am proud to say I had a "hand" in the new look…thank you again Brooke, Terry, and Maggie. Congratulations all around! Oh, and anyone looking for styling…you know where to find me!



  1. thanks Terry…aww…**blushing**, thank you so much! xo

    merci Lindsey, I’m so happy I got too, thanks for sharing!

    merci Samantha! :)

  2. Brooke…I am touched, thank you…and my sincere gratitude for such an amazing opportunity. xoxo

    Ashley, thanks so much, it WAS fun! I want to do more of it! :)

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