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I’ve always been a nutcase planner…and it should come as no surprise to those who know me that I’m already starting to plot (for my February trip) what I’ll be taking to France. Part of this need to plan is due to the fact that I will be traveling to Europe for the first time by myself, and taking only a carry-on. I generally do not travel that lightly, so this is a challenge…a fun one, that I am grateful to have! So here is my list thus far, and these are also my recommendations for anyone traveling abroad in the winter months. Here’s to packing light, I hope I can do it! Extra space will go to Ladurée macarons, bien sur. Yeah, maybe I should plan to check luggage after all. 


1…        black cashmere sweater-classic, warm, cozy, can be layered if needed

2…        searching for the perfect fit & flare winter coat (will be most seen item in photos)

3…        grey sweater, for layering with jeans or leggings-a great neutral that is not black

4…        the must-have scarf…seriously, don’t go anywhere in france without one

5…        my new kelly moore camera bag, which I chose specifically for travel

6…        leather (lined) gloves…it will be february, and very cold

7…        two pairs of dark jeans, can be dressed up or down & worn with boots

8…        tall *flat* leather boots-stylish and  great for walking (especially on cobble)

9…        fuzzy earmuffs…an essential for me in the winter…it will allow for more outdoor time

10…       the LBD…I don’t go anywhere without one


see the updated packing for paris post 


  1. Hi Susan,
    if you wear n°2-6 and 10, you’ll crush all the competition and you’ll get the Parisienne-du-mois award for sure! Leather gloves are the hallmark of classy ladies! You just need to practice the catwalk and find a runway! Two thumbs up! La classe!

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