paris is “buzzing”…





I am positively "buzzing" over this fun new fact I discovered. My apologies for the cheesy pun, I couldn't resist. Did you know that one of the most expensive (and sought after) honeys in the world is produced on the rooftop of the Paris Opera?! Beekeeper Jean Paucton, pictured above, set up hives twenty years ago when he was working there as a prop man. He eventually started selling his honey at Fauchon, and the rest is history. I happen to "bee" (again, sorry) a huge honey connoisseur, so I hope to get my hands on some of this next time I am there! Fauchon is always a delightful experience, with or without honey.

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  1. Wow I had no idea. That’s amazing!

    Have you ever tried bitter honey from Sardinia? We went there on our honeymoon and had bitter honey and fresh ricotta for breakfast every single morning. Mmmm so good!


  2. I love a good “Bee” pun! You should put it on your list of “must-do’s” in Paris & save up for some of that quality honey!

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