for the love of vinyl




The good news is…I recently found my old record collection! The bad news? I don’t have a record player. I’m working on that, and have this one on my wish list. However, just the sight of my records brings back so many happy memories. I have all of my beloved songs and albums in digital format of course, but it’s just not the same. I am yearning to hear the crackle, smell the vinyl, and watch it turn. Tell me…did you grow up with records, or develop a passion for them?

image via tiny white lights



  1. Oh wow that record player is awesome! Umm we grew up with 8tracks actually and Micheal Jackson thriller playing over and over on the enormous console in our living room. Fun times! ;)

  2. Oh wow Sam…there were still 8 tracks around in my era (70s), but it was the end of that era, and once I was old enough to enjoy music records were the thing. MJ’s Thriller was my very first album!! LOVE.

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