gearing up for cozy



It might actually snow today in Pennsylvania, can you believe it?! I actually love cold wintery weather, so you won’t hear me complaining. I would like to enjoy fall just a bit longer however….the trees have just reached peak color here. We are geared up for a cozy weekend, and have enough wood stocked up for a few crackling fires if necessary…it’s one of my favorite features of our cottage. Bon weekend!!


  1. We were without power and heat for the past 24 hours. It just sputtered back on, so now I’m catching up on my blog-reading and feeling grateful I’ll be able to take a hot shower tonight!

  2. That photo is incredible! Do you store wood that way? Unfortunately, we have no wood-burning anything in our house, but now I want to store wood on the side of my garage like that just for the prettiness of it. :)

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